What often becomes subjective matter is choosing the best electric shaver. However, when it comes to sensitive skin, the considerations are pretty much the same. Sensitive skin is significant to be considered so the shaver at least should possess some basic qualities to make it suitable. 

Qualities of Shaver for Sensitive Skin

Choosing an electric shaver for the first time can be such a daunting task especially for men with sensitive skin. But by knowing the basic qualities of the best shaver, making the final choice will be a lot easier. 

·         Sharp Blades

Start with electric shave that comes with sharp blades in high quality. It is among the key elements of suitable shaver for sensitive skin. Never choose dull blades because instead of cutting the hair, it pulls the hair and it will be a bit painful. And, it also doesn’t provide closeness of shaving. There will be more pressure applied causing irritation and razor burn. Make sure to check the replacement blades and foils as well. 

·         Fast Motor

Another quality of best electric shaver for sensitive skin is fast motor. The difference between linear drive motor oscillating at 14 000 CPM and that of 8 000 CPM is significant that you will easily recognize it yourself. When you choose shaver with fast motor, you will be able to shave smoother, faster, with less pressure and fewer passes. As a result, comfortable shave is yours to enjoy every day. 

·         Cool Shaving Head

Having shaver with shaving head that doesn’t easily get hot during operation is one thing you should never ignore. When the head gets hot, it creates significant discomfort and causes irritation to your sensitive skin. As a way to reduce the heat during operation, you can regularly lubricate the razor before being used.

·         Flexible Shave

Shaver that provides flexible shaving operation especially when it deals with long hairs is much recommended for sensitive skin. It allows fewer passes and reduces the risk of irritation 

·         Dry and Wet Operation

Dry and wet operation makes one of the highest qualities of electric shaver. Finding shaver with this quality may cost you higher but it will be worth it.

3 Recommended Options of Shaver for Sensitive Skin

We have listed down some best electric shaver suitable for sensitive you can consider buying. Each has its own advantages and downsides. 

Panasonic ES LA63 S

Here comes another recommended best electric shaver suitable for men with sensitive skin. This particular shaver provides very close shaver while being very powerful and fast so it is suitable to shave the coarse facial hair. It has sharp blades, one of the qualities that shaver for sensitive skin must have. In case of wet shaving, it offers great performance. Like other best shavers, it is easy to clean manually and it has very good price. Meanwhile, its downsides include not very comfortable shaving experience, not ideal for flat, longer and wiry lying hair. It also has bulky shaving head which is not very easy to get use to. 

Braun Series 9 9290cc

Men love this shaver due to the following facts. This is a shaver that provides gentle and comfortable shaving experience for the skin. It’s not difficult for users to enjoy close shave even for flat, wiry and longer hairs. It is powerful and fast when it comes to shaving including when it shaves the ingrown hairs. And, it also has excellent cleaning station. However, it has some downsides such as fiddly manual cleaning, expensive price, overkill for everyday use and light bears. And, its shaving closeness is actually pretty similar to Braun Series 7 that is less expensive. 

Braun 7 Series 690cc

Braun has always become a favorite when it comes to best electric shaver. This time, it offers another great shaver for sensitive skin. This 7-series shaver offers close shave with very comfortable shaving including in dry shaving performance. Its price is considered a good value and even less expensive compared to Series 9 Braun. Surprisingly, it works very well with flat lying, longer hair and even the coarse beards. Its downsides are not pretty significant like fiddly manual cleaning and lower quality of performance than Panasonic Arc 4 when it comes to close shaving.