There are several interesting activities at home you can do. One of them is creating embroidery crafts for your lovely children. This activity will be more fun to do if you are supported by the best embroidery machine for home use. So, what kind of embroidery machine for home use you should buy? 

Brother PE540D

Most of children love to see Disney’s characters. Why don’t you create a cute embroidery decoration for them? Don’t say it is difficult to do because Brother PE540D makes this project easy. Just imagine you just need to choose one of 35 Disney embroidery patterns to create. To make it the product perfect, you can also choose over 100 frame patterns. You can use this machine to create a great gift for your beloved children such as bag and cloth. Take thin materials such as cotton for maximal result. Besides the automatic patterns, there are also automatic features and you can control all of them through clear LCD screen. 

Singer XL-580 Futura 

Singer is a legendary brand in sewing machine. Interestingly, this brand offers the latest embroidery machines such as Singer XL-580 Futura. This machine is ready to help you to create special and personal gift for your children. The features are compatible to create block letters or names perfectly. You can apply it on bag, hat, cloth, and any kind of items. Do you want to add new decoration or accessory on the old items? Let Singer XL-580 Futura handles it for you. In specific, you may add borders for tablecloths, sheets, clothes, and many more. Definitely, your children will be happy to see the result and take it as their most favorite gift. 

Janome Memory Craft 200E

Just take Janome on the list of best embroidery machine for home use. One of the best one is Janome Memory Craft 200E. This is a machine which compatible with different types of devices. Let say, you can transfer the design from your PC to this embroidery machine through USB port. There is no need to manage everything complicatedly because you just need to see the LCD screen. The LCD screen is a touchscreen and the features are complete enough to start your embroidery project and finish it right away. You may do the project in a 5 inches embroidery space but it is comfortable enough for small and simple embroidery projects. 

Bernina Bernette Chicago 7

Bernina Bernette Chicago 7 is also a good embroidery machine for home use. You can create various cute accessories or gifts for your beloved children. The features are complete enough and all of them are easy to use to create perfect embroidery crafts at home. The very tight stitches help to create detail embroidery which looks real. The additional foot pedal allows you for more option whether you want to feel the traditional sewing machine or not. As a 26 pounds embroidery machine, you can move Bernina Bernette Chicago 7 to your favorite spots and finish the gift in the most comfortable way. 

The bottom line of this information is that you can create a unique gift for your lovely children. You can create a perfect embroidery product just like a professional embroider. The process will be fun and your children will be very happy to receive it.