Best electric shaver will be an important companion for men. There is no doubt that men and shaver cannot be separated one another. Men needs to look great and if there is an important tool for helping them look great and confident, there is no doubt that it must be the shaver. Of course men can be free to choose the type of shaver which can suit them the most but electric shaver can be a lifesaver for men in the modern world. It can simplify the job of shaving which can be pretty complicated when using the manual one. To get the best option of electric shaver, here are some things which must be considered when choosing.


When people are looking for the best option of electric shaver, we can make sure that every man has their personal preference. There is no doubt about it because it is associated with habit. Some men are quite familiar with product from certain brand so it feels more comfortable for them to use it instead of different product from different brand. Nevertheless, there is nothing wrong to change the electric shaver if they can get great benefits from the change.


Considering the brand when choosing the electric shaver can also be important. There are various brands which are familiar for men. One thing for sure, people must not only consider about the popular brand because they also need to consider about the reviews from the customers. The brand which comes with positive reviews can be a great choice. 

Rotary or Foil

Choosing the best electric shaverwill mean that they have to consider between the foil and rotary style. Foil shaver is made from the metal foil which is thin and curved. The foil covers the cutting blades set. It will be great for straight and long back and forth shaving motion over the face as well as neck. There will be three round heads which can be found from the rotary shavers. The heads will come with circular cutters which are rotating for conforming to the face shape. Rotary shaver will be great for them with tough skin type while the foil shaver will be perfect choice for them with sensitive skin.

Price Point

Yes, people of course cannot forget about the budget when buying electric shaver. There is no need to worry because the price point of electric shaver products is varied. The most important thing is that people make the proper research and comparison for making sure that they buy the best product at certain price level which is suitable to their budget. One thing for sure, the expensive electric shaver does not always mean that it can be the best choice for them. There can be electric shaver product with affordable price and great performance if they choose it carefully.

Power Source

The electric shaver comes with various power source options. People can find the electric shaver with rechargeable, battery, and mains power source. It is important to consider about this aspect before making any purchase for sure. Nowadays, people can find many products with rechargeable power source which makes it great to be used at home or on the move. It is better not to use the battery electric shaver for everyday use because it is actually made for occasional use.

Dry or Wet

It is true that electric shaver can be a great option because it can be used for dry shave. It means that it can be used anytime and anywhere. However, people can also find the electric products which can be used dry or wet. If people want to get the electric shaver with great convenience, it is sure that dry and wet electric shaver will be a perfect choice.

Skin TypeShaving will have great effect to the skin so it is very important for making sure that people make the right choice of electric shaver which can be friendly to their skin. In this circumstance, they need to consider about their skin sensitivity. If their skin is prone to the razor burn, they can consider foil shaver which is less hard on skin than rotary one. Using pre shave product and right technique of shaving will be another crucial support for the best electric shaver.