Sometimes you need to upgrade an electric shaver into a new one, especially when it’s old already. Why? Because it can’t trim your beard or moustache effectively and efficiently anymore. Upgrading is necessary after a year or two years of usage. It’s okay if you won’t, but at least you need to prepare a new one to replace the old one if it’s broken in the future.

One best beard trimmer to pick when you looking for a new trimmer is Panasonic ER GB40 S. This model well-known as a rechargeable and cordless beard trimmer. You can use the trimmer in both situations, wet and dry. When the beard growing up, go to a barbershop is unnecessary because you already have a Panasonic ER GB40 S beard trimmer. It will be easy as you wish to groom the beard at home.

After visiting and reading from gay blogs, literally, the trimmer came into a sturdy blue and silver colours. It looks very slim and easy to use. The handle grip also builds sturdy will ease you while trimming. Though the handle grip builds sturdy, it will not hurt you because it isn’t built in hard material. The handle grip made of rubber to avoid damage. The nineteen settings built in the trimmer can tackle all beards lightly. You will not waste time anymore since the Panasonic ER GB40 S works pretty fast to cut the beard or moustache.

Panasonic ER GB40 S used the most precision blade in it. After do trimming, the beards will absolutely drop and there’s no more hair on your face or body. The blade made of stainless steel which known difficult to rust. Therefore, put the trimmer under running water will worry free because it isn’t causing damage or kind of. The blade also safe because it can avoid skin irritation.

Well, the blade itself can turn until 45 degrees angle. That angle absolutely enables to hand you a superior trim. Whether trim beard, moustache, hair aren’t a big deal because the trimmer equipped with 45 degrees angled. No matter if you had the thickest, the gauziest, and unseat hair, the trimmer will do the best for you. In few movements only, you’re able to get the close, smooth, and precise beards ever.

The superior Panasonic ER GB40 S trimmer liked to amaze you. The trimmer isn’t going to cease till you make a purchase on it. There’s another unique fact about the trimmer. Guess what? It has a unique water shutter. What is supposed to mean? Well, you’ll able to clean the trimmer in the shortest time ever. The on and off shutter buttons will help you to do that. When you press the on a button, it will open, then put them under running water to clean up itself. Thus, you need to take it out, dry with a clean towel, and let the air dry the trimmer. Maintain the trimmer also easy since its ease to clean up.

You can use the trimmer in both situations, wet and dry. It means you still can trim while showering when the water drops on you. Or maybe you crave to do trim after or before showering, it’s up to you. Will, not a big deal which one you’ll choose since it’s versatile in both situations.

As it’s noticed in the 3rd paragraph, it has nineteen length settings. The nineteen various settings can customise from 1 up to 10 mm and the adjustment is 0.5 mm. You can customise which length you are into to groom the beard. Match the length with the beard type you have. To get the different settings, you can customise the length by rotating it up or down to find the length you want. The customise literally will not taking times, slow down. In few second only, the settings will be done and you can possibly get close and smooth results.

Panasonic ER GB40 S equipped with a cleaning brush, AC charging, a trimmer, and a small pouch. When you are on vacation, you can bring the trimmer next to you. Manage all stuff in the small pouch and you can trim wherever you belong to. After you finished trim, put it all back into the pouch and keep the pouch inside your luggage or backpack.

You may think Panasonic ER GB40 S offers in high price tag. Not true, because the price is affordable. It cost only $49.99 on Amazon and you able to get free shipping. Panasonic ER GB40 S has sold more than 3,000 pieces and there are 2,331 customer reviews written their thought about the trimmer. Most of them said the trimmer has done a good job and they are not regretting to bought the Panasonic ER GB40 S.

After reading the whole explanation about Panasonic ER GB40 S, what you think? Will you make a purchase soon or how? Hope you can decide the best for yourself soon and don’t let yourself lose the best chance to get this trimmer.