Many people are so curious about foil vs rotary shaver. They like to compare and see the differences between foil vs rotary shaver. Well, there are some of the differences in those kinds of shavers, but is there any similarity? That shaver has a similar function. Both are used to shave the hair and remove the hair from the skin. Here, we are going to compare the differences between foil vs rotary shaver.

Differences between foil vs rotary shaver

  1. Appearance: when you see those shavers, I am sure that you can guess the differences. How is the form of foil vs rotary shave? Foil shaver is flat and the blade is also flat. Those blades are in straight lines and in a rectangular form. Then, if rotary shaver has 3 circles form on its head. On those three circles, there are razors which can spin around and remove your hair. So, the head appearance can be the first differences between foil vs rotary shaver.
  2. Then, the motion between foil vs rotary shaver is also different. People need to make the movement from up and down or maybe right and left. This shaver can only be used on the straight movement. In opposite with that, the rotary shaver is used through the circular movement following the clockwise.
  3. The different usage of the foil vs rotary shaver is also important. The foil shaver is good to be used as daily usage. It is good to cut and clean the shortest hair on your chin, cheek, face and neck. It is better to be used for closer usage. Then, the rotary shaver is not for daily use. This shaver can cause irritation if you apply it to your skin every day or too often. The rotary shaver is used for cutting the thicker hair and long hair.

Which one is better ?
Many people always give the question which one is better between foil vs rotary shaver. Both of those shavers are good. They have their own characteristics. They are used for a different purpose. If you are going to buy the electric shaver, you have to make some consideration of the appropriate shavers which might fit your need. If you want to clean the hair in lines, you can choose the foil shaver. However, if you want to clean the hair through the rotation, you can choose the rotary shaver. They have their own advantages that you can adjust to your necessary.