There’s a lot of question about how to maintain a beard. It is very easy and simple. Put your trimmer away and let the beard growin’ up. Is that simple? Of course, but during maintaining a beard, you need to be patient until the beard starts growing. Most of the men do the same way to maintain their beard. If the beards been growing, you need to groom the beard to increase appeal. The best appeal would make you more confidence, right?
In this article, I’ll show you the way how to maintain a beard for men. This explanation will be in details. Thus, if you keen to get to know the way how to read the article till the end.

  1. Be Patient
    The way I told you, firstly, you need to be patient. If you want the beard growin’ as long as you wish, put away those trimmers and wait a moment. It will take a few weeks or months, but not a big deal if you keep yourself patient. Moreover, every single man has his own issues about hair growth. Some of them push themselves so hard to grow that hair, and the rest become so easy. You are so lucky if you are in the second type.
    During waiting time, you must define how long the beard would be. This is important so you don’t have to wait for so long to groom and style your beard. Define the thickness and length.
  2. Maintain The Beards
    As long as you keep yourself patient, you need to maintain that beard to keep it growing well. It doesn’t mean you have to give the beard a hair vitamin to get it thickness and smooth. Of course not, but you supposed to take care of it. Like keep it clean and don’t let your foods spill into your beard.
  3. Make Sure The Beard Fit Your Face Shape
    This part is kinda hard, especially you still no idea which faces shape you are into. To define the face shape is so easy. Kindly watch Youtube or read the other article about face shape. If you already know what face shape is yours, make sure you’ll trim your beard correctly. If you refuse this part, don’t blame and feel regrets if you just desecrate your looks. If you find it’s hard to define which one is convenient for you, kindly ask your friend’s opinion. The way you shave better, your beard will look good, so will you.
  4. Know When and How to Trim A Beard
    Do you already know the way how to trim a beard? If you don’t, make sure you learn the way how to trim the beard first. If you are a beginner, you can watch and follow step by step to trim a beard in guidance book or articles. To get the perfect look, you need more time to shave the beard and make sure you aren’t in a hurry. The weekend is the best time to trim your beard. Thus, spare your weekend time to taking care of the beard.
  5. Use The Best Shaver
    When the length is sufficient, then its time to shave the beard. But remember, please use the best shaver to help you out during shaving. The best one you use, the best result you will get. There’s a lot of product has offered on the market, but don’t purchase into a new product easily
  6. Wash The Beard Frequently
    Whether if your beard has been trimming or haven’t, make sure you wash the beard frequently. More you wash it, more it will be growth. This part also important, especially when you spill something and its trapped on your beard. If you don’t wash it soon, perhaps the itchiness will come so soon. Also when you get a shower, make sure the beard washed to make it stay clean all the time.
  7. Smear The Beard Oil
    To tames the beard, you need an oil and smear the oil into your beard. There are a lot of oils that you can pick on the market these days. Choose the right one and pick the oil with a good scent. Keep using the oil to keep the beard oily, smooth, and shinier.
  8. Feed It
    To help the beard growing, make sure you feed it in the right way, like eat the good food. Food with protein, vitamin, and fat can help in maintain the beard. In fact, for real the beard is made from protein, fat, and some vitamins. That’s why I really recommend you to eat those foods contain with those substances.
    Maintaining a beard isn’t difficult for real. By those steps that I noticed, you can get the best beard ever if you do those ways in the right way.