Before you purchase on a new shaver, you need to pick which razor are you into. Single edge safety razor or double edge safety razor. Those have differences, but not significantly. People said double edge razor will hand you the close and precise results. That’s right, but a single edge razor also does the same. The single blade can cut all hair on your skin and able to reduce skin irritation. Overall, the same result. The difference is only got in a number of blades used.
Majority of men feel worried about single edge safety razor, why? You don’t have to feel worried or anxious using the single blade. It’s not gonna hurt you as long as you shave correctly. Well, to keep away those worries, I am here to explain to you the way how to shave with a single edge safety razor. Make sure you follow the steps correctly.

  1. Prep Your Face and Beard
    The first step is to prep your face and beard. Make sure your face and skin clean already before you move into the next step. After that, you need to prep all the stuff you need during the shave. What do you need to do? Check this out:
    • Dry Your face Using The Warm Towel. When you’ve done cleaning your face, now it’s time to dry it. Kindly take and use the warm towel. This is important to open up those pores. When it’s open, the oily will reduce in a moment. One thing to remember, don’t dry your face with pressure but make it smooth. Place the warm towel on your face and hold it up to 15 seconds. Do this in the whole area on face until it dries well
    • Use Pre-Shaved Oil. The second you need to pay attention to is using a pre-shave oil. There are varies product on the market, then you can pick which one is suitable for your face. Don’t forget to pick the good scent too
    • Use Shaving Cream. This step purposely as lubrication to get the smoothest movement during shaving. Use the best shaving cream that suitable on your face. Thus, spill the cream on hands and place it into your face. Place the cream evenly on face and don’t miss even the smallest part
  2. Do Shave
    After done those steps above correctly, now it’s time to shave your beard. After place, the shaving cream, wait until 10 seconds and directly shave your face. If you have the hazy beard, make sure you shave smoothly. You can start from the upper area first, then go to the down area. Don’t forget to shave your neck also.
    When shaving, following your face curves also important. When you still find the gauzy hair, kindly apply the shaving cream and shave once again till all hair drops. Overcome the gauzy hair isn’t difficult, you need patience only to drop them all out. Don’t do harsh movement but smooth.
  3. Apply Moisturizer
    After you over with shaving, now it’s time to maintain your skin. This step purposely to avoid itchiness and to retain moisture. You can use your daily face moisturizer on the face. So many moisturizer products on the market. But you need to pick the best brand with the best quality to maintain moisture. Make sure you apply moisturizer frequently after shaving.
    After following 3 steps about the way how to shave with a single edge safety razor, it’s still not complete without knowing some single edge safety razor. Also here I am to give any information about single edge safety razor.
    Now on, a double edge safety razor is so popular. This one becomes the main reason why people tend to use a double blade instead of a single blade. Moreover, a single blade wasn’t produced anymore and it’s kinda hard to find any. But lucky you if you still got this single blade because you can make it as antique stuff. If you keen to get this single blade, you can follow the auction and define your best price to get any.
    Well, GEM itself has produced variants of the model. It means not only one, but you could find some. It has a “shave button” on GEM shaver. You can push that button and start shaving as usual. The result is not as bad as you think. It is still close and precise, just the way how to shave is different from the double blade.
    When you tryna find the razor for GEM shaver, there’s still a market that sells the razor. For 10 pack of the razor itself, it cost $5 only. Isn’t squeeze your pocket money, right?
    Shaving is one of the most activity men does these days. Whether teen or adult, they do the same thing. Make time and do the shaving, especially when the beard getting thickness. No matter which blade you are into, single blade or double blade, the result still the same as long as you following the right steps.