Have you ever heard about types of shaver on the electric shaver? Well, there are two kinds of shavers which are so popular. They are rotary and foil saver which offer different function. Then, do you know about the best foil shaver? What are the criteria? Here, we are going to tell you more about the best foil shaver.

What is a foil shaver ?

Foil shaver is the shaver which has the flat form on its edge. It usually consists of three to four blades on it.  More blades which are used quicker shaving that people can get. Then, what is this used for? Foil shaver is usually used for close shaving. People can find the best foil shaver to clean the hair with the up-down and right-left motion or movement only. Many barbershops use this kind of shaver to cut the beard and moustache. The best foil shaver is the electric one, people can use it faster than the traditional shaver. Most people are interested to buy this kind of shaver to cut their beard and moustache. They think that using this foil shaver is easier than the other type of shaver. They only need to move it in line or straight and they can get the best result from the best foil shaver.

How to choose the best foil shaver ?

There are some criteria that you have to notice about how to choose the best foil shaver. You might need the details specification to get the great shaver.

1.             People have to pay more attention to the blades which are used. You have to choose the blades which are sharp. Then, it is better to choose the electric foil shaver which has four blades. It will ease you to cut the hair and save your time in shaving.

2.             You have to choose the shaver which has a flexible design on its head. It will be able to reach out all of the parts on your face, chin, and even your neck. If you choose the one which is flat and not flexible, it might be difficult to be used. The flexible design is one of the criteria for the best foil shaver.

3.             It is good to choose the best foil shaver which is made from rubber as the holding parts. Most of the electric design is so slippery to behold. It is better to choose the one which is covered with rubber, so it will ease you to hold that tool.