In this modern era, people want to do all things in a simple way. They used technology to make it simple, especially when its correlate to chore. For example, when people want to do shave, they‘d love to use an electric shaver to tackle their beards, and in this is applied in the other job. Though there’s nothing wrong if people still use a traditional way to tackle chores, including shaving.
Shaving with literally help you to get close, precise, and smooth results. Not only that but an electric shaver also capable to safe times. In this case, you don’t need to spend more time only to do shave. Because these days you can use that time to tackle another job.
Technology advance does not stop only in one line. It will always try to create a product better day by day by doing such a development. For example a shaver. In the past years, you may find out a single-edge safety razor only. But today, you can find out a double-edged safety razor on the market easily. There’s a lot of markets offers the same, and the manufacturer also does the same thing. Try to presents the newest shaver product to consumers.
Before using a double edge safety razor, you must know the way how to shave with a double edge safety razor. Here is the step you must follow.

  1. Prep All You Need
    This is the first point about how to shave with a double edge safety razor. Of course, you need to prepare all the things you need before do shave. You need to take what products you using frequently and manage them all into a bathroom table. Majority of men would prep such a shave formula, double edge safety razor blades, a safety razor, shave brush, facial scrub, daily face wash, and shave oil as finishing. But one to another man is diff, so make sure you know what you need during the shave.
    Beside prep stuff for a shave, you also need to spare time to do shave. Make sure you shave when you really have time to do that. If you are too busy and in a hurry, please don’t do shave. It’s better if you wait a moment till you feel slow down and relax.
  2. Prep Your Skin
    Before do shave, make sure you already clean up your face. After or before showering, make sure you wash face first, and dry with a hot towel. This step purposely to make your skin soften. Thus, take the pre-shave oil to protect your skin from itchiness and skin irritation. Spill the pre-shave oil on your hand and apply on the face. After that, distribute the shaving cream using a shaving brush.
    You can find the pre-shave oil on the market easily. There’s a lot of brand with very scent, make sure you choose well. Purchase a pre-shave oil that suitable to your skin type.
  3. Heat Up The Blade
    Use a blade in dry situation absolutely different comparing use a blade in a wet situation. That’s why before you do shave, you need to heat up the blade first into warm water. Wetting the blade well-known to lubricate the blade itself. So, it’s gonna going well during shaving without any barrier.
    In this fourth step, you don’t need to heat up the blade fully. I mean, just put it into warm water and after two seconds, rise it up. Don’t let the blade into the warm water for so long, because it will make the blade rusty or corrode.
  4. Apply The Correct Technique
    There are the rules before you do shave. One of those rules: use the correct technique. This is become an important part to get the best result. Even though you bought the best pre-shave oil, best razor ever, or even prep all things well, it will use less if you flop in this point.
    To shave thick and gauzy beard literally different. Its harder to rid of the thickness hair than the gauzy hair. To tackle that problem, you must do the correct shaving technique. Hold the grip nicely and shave from the upper place first. Then, you can be going into the lower neck. Make sure you do the upward movement in the line.
  5. Slow Down
    You can’t shave your face in a hurry. It means you can’t shave and get your face clean in one minute only. It’s impossible. If you don’t have much time today, please don’t do the shaving. Just do shaving when you have much time to do that. Briefly, make time to do shave!
  6. Replace The Blade
    You already know this “new blade absolutely different from the second blade”. Every time you want to do shave, kindly replace the blade into the new one. The way it cuts will totally different and the result also different. When you craving close and precise shaving results, sacrifice a bit buck to purchase new blades.
    How to shave with a double edge safety razor isn’t that arduous, right? Make sure you following each step correctly to get the best result ever.