Fact About Philips Norelco High-End Product Has Revealed

You may already know about Philips and have been using the product often. What product did you use from the Philips brand? One of it perhaps a beard trimmer, am I right?
Well, the trimmer is what people need these days, especially a man, to stay neat with their beard on face. Then it makes sense why a man so keen to own a trimmer. Some of those men in the world have been using the trimmer came from different brand. If you still don’t have any, I pretty recommend you to purchase Philips Norelco, since most of the man cutters this product is the best one on the market recently.
Have Philips Norelco beard trimmer, of course, will help you out over those beards. May it becomes possible to get the precise result with Philips Norelco. There are two variants of Philips Norelco that I suggest you purchase. Take a look at the product explanation down below.

1.Beard Trimmer 9100 for moustache & beard – by Philips Norelco
Have you heard about Philips Norelco 9100? Some of you may say “yes” and the rest say “no”. This Philips Norelco 9100 is one of the best trimmers by Philips. It came up in black and silver colours. The combo just so good and made it looks sturdy. The technology has built inside this trimmer. If you take a meticulous look on it, you’ll find a laser guide. The laser made of to help you see yourself. It will lead you during shaving and it’s gonna be easy for you to get the best look as you want.
Philips Norelco 9100 equipped with 17 settings length. You can adjust the length as you wish to get the precise result. Whether long or short beard, it is not a big deal since you have this trimmer on you. The trimmer has a wider end to led you to trim perfectly, by following the straight line on your neck, sideburn, and unreachable area. Since it’s the ability to get into the unreachable area, its gonna be easy if you want to overcome the hair through your mouth and nose.
The battery life stands for 60 minutes after 1-hour charge. Its build evenly, so fair. The 60 minutes stand is for cordless using. If the battery is run out, lightly take the charge and start charging. The charging time will not gonna take longer, be patient.
When the blades getting dirt after shaving, kindly place the trimmer under the tap with running water. With a bit of touch, it will clean very soon. Thus, you need to dry the trimmer with a towel, also to maintain the trimmer itself. Philips Norelco 9100 come into a package. Inside the package, there are two combs equipped with a small travel pouch. You can use the small pouch to place all parts of the trimmer to keep it tidy and arranged.

  1. Beard & Head Trimmer Series 5100, 17 built-in settings length, BT5210/42 – by Philips Norelco
    The next product is the Philips Norelco 5100 head & beard trimmer. As you can see in the pic, its build in silver colour and a bit of black colour. The manufacturer aims to produce this model for effortless even trim the thickness hair ever. The self-sharpening steel blades designed to get the perfect result, and drop all hair perfectly with no remains. The blade also coming in double sharpened to reduce the time for shaving.
    Still the same with the previous product, Philips Norelco 5100 head & beard trimmer used 17 settings length, also to get the precise result. You can adjust the length between 0.4 mm – 0.7 mm with 0.2 mm for a beard and short hair. For thick and long hair shaves, the precision for about 7 mm – 13 mm. When you need to upgrade the trimmer, you can add up a short. Easy, right?
    Philips Norelco 5100 head & beard trimmer is also washable. It will not squeeze energy every time you want to clean the trimmer. Just put it under running water and voila! You get the clean trimmer like a new one. After cleaning, make sure you place all of it in one pouch. When you need it next time, you can get it swift.
    The battery life stands for 70 minutes after 1-hour charge. 10 minutes longer than charging time, what a good trimmer ever! You can use the trimmer cordless and corded. And the interesting one is you can use Philips Norelco 5100 while its charge. So, you can groom the beard swift and keep yourself in style.
    Well, that’s all the fact about Philips Norelco. I could write this kind of brief review because I made my time searching and reading a few articles. Don’t forget to share this article if you find its beneficial.

Philips and Braun are the Best Electric Shaver 2019

Many people are so interesting to find the best electric shaver 2019. However, most of them are so confused about kinds of shaver which is good for them. Many people don’t know how to choose the right and fit shaver for them. People need to choose the shaver as they need through the good criteria, such as the shaver will be used for, types, waterproof, easy to clean, and any other things. Here, we are going to tell you about some best electric shaver 2019.

Philips Norelco
It is the first of best electric shaver 2019. This shaver has designed with the modern and high technology to give the best service for the user. The blades can shave and trim your hair without causing the irritation on your skin. This tool has no noisy sound which is usually produced by other kinds of an electric shaver. This best electric shaver 2019 is so popular because of the available usage. This tool can be used to clean the hair and fur in the area of your face, moustache, sideburn and even the hair around your neck. It is the best electric shaver 2019 for men. This tool supports the highest technology through its shape and battery. The battery is rechargeable and the battery saves up to 35 minutes usage. People can get warranty for around 2 years and the replacement for each damage parts of this shaver after 1-year usage.

Braun 3 Series
People only need to spend around $54 for getting this best electric shaver 2019. This shaver is filled with the high foil technology which eases your shaving and makes it quick and simple. This shaver is also waterproof in which many other shavers have no offers for this criterion and these criteria add the great point as the best electric shaver 2019. People can use this tool both in wet position and dry position because this tool will not be damaged because of water. It can be the perfect choice for solving and removing the beard, moustache, hair and fur around your face and neck. The manufacturer also provides the replacements of the shaver parts every 18 months and they need to only pay the inexpensive price for it. The stylish and modern design with the LED display which is installed on its tool makes the Braun 3 series become one of the best electric shaver 2019.

The Way How to Shave With A Single Edge Safety Razor

Before you purchase on a new shaver, you need to pick which razor are you into. Single edge safety razor or double edge safety razor. Those have differences, but not significantly. People said double edge razor will hand you the close and precise results. That’s right, but a single edge razor also does the same. The single blade can cut all hair on your skin and able to reduce skin irritation. Overall, the same result. The difference is only got in a number of blades used.
Majority of men feel worried about single edge safety razor, why? You don’t have to feel worried or anxious using the single blade. It’s not gonna hurt you as long as you shave correctly. Well, to keep away those worries, I am here to explain to you the way how to shave with a single edge safety razor. Make sure you follow the steps correctly.

  1. Prep Your Face and Beard
    The first step is to prep your face and beard. Make sure your face and skin clean already before you move into the next step. After that, you need to prep all the stuff you need during the shave. What do you need to do? Check this out:
    • Dry Your face Using The Warm Towel. When you’ve done cleaning your face, now it’s time to dry it. Kindly take and use the warm towel. This is important to open up those pores. When it’s open, the oily will reduce in a moment. One thing to remember, don’t dry your face with pressure but make it smooth. Place the warm towel on your face and hold it up to 15 seconds. Do this in the whole area on face until it dries well
    • Use Pre-Shaved Oil. The second you need to pay attention to is using a pre-shave oil. There are varies product on the market, then you can pick which one is suitable for your face. Don’t forget to pick the good scent too
    • Use Shaving Cream. This step purposely as lubrication to get the smoothest movement during shaving. Use the best shaving cream that suitable on your face. Thus, spill the cream on hands and place it into your face. Place the cream evenly on face and don’t miss even the smallest part
  2. Do Shave
    After done those steps above correctly, now it’s time to shave your beard. After place, the shaving cream, wait until 10 seconds and directly shave your face. If you have the hazy beard, make sure you shave smoothly. You can start from the upper area first, then go to the down area. Don’t forget to shave your neck also.
    When shaving, following your face curves also important. When you still find the gauzy hair, kindly apply the shaving cream and shave once again till all hair drops. Overcome the gauzy hair isn’t difficult, you need patience only to drop them all out. Don’t do harsh movement but smooth.
  3. Apply Moisturizer
    After you over with shaving, now it’s time to maintain your skin. This step purposely to avoid itchiness and to retain moisture. You can use your daily face moisturizer on the face. So many moisturizer products on the market. But you need to pick the best brand with the best quality to maintain moisture. Make sure you apply moisturizer frequently after shaving.
    After following 3 steps about the way how to shave with a single edge safety razor, it’s still not complete without knowing some single edge safety razor. Also here I am to give any information about single edge safety razor.
    Now on, a double edge safety razor is so popular. This one becomes the main reason why people tend to use a double blade instead of a single blade. Moreover, a single blade wasn’t produced anymore and it’s kinda hard to find any. But lucky you if you still got this single blade because you can make it as antique stuff. If you keen to get this single blade, you can follow the auction and define your best price to get any.
    Well, GEM itself has produced variants of the model. It means not only one, but you could find some. It has a “shave button” on GEM shaver. You can push that button and start shaving as usual. The result is not as bad as you think. It is still close and precise, just the way how to shave is different from the double blade.
    When you tryna find the razor for GEM shaver, there’s still a market that sells the razor. For 10 pack of the razor itself, it cost $5 only. Isn’t squeeze your pocket money, right?
    Shaving is one of the most activity men does these days. Whether teen or adult, they do the same thing. Make time and do the shaving, especially when the beard getting thickness. No matter which blade you are into, single blade or double blade, the result still the same as long as you following the right steps.

Foil vs Rotary Shaver Own Special Characteristics

Many people are so curious about foil vs rotary shaver. They like to compare and see the differences between foil vs rotary shaver. Well, there are some of the differences in those kinds of shavers, but is there any similarity? That shaver has a similar function. Both are used to shave the hair and remove the hair from the skin. Here, we are going to compare the differences between foil vs rotary shaver.

Differences between foil vs rotary shaver

  1. Appearance: when you see those shavers, I am sure that you can guess the differences. How is the form of foil vs rotary shave? Foil shaver is flat and the blade is also flat. Those blades are in straight lines and in a rectangular form. Then, if rotary shaver has 3 circles form on its head. On those three circles, there are razors which can spin around and remove your hair. So, the head appearance can be the first differences between foil vs rotary shaver.
  2. Then, the motion between foil vs rotary shaver is also different. People need to make the movement from up and down or maybe right and left. This shaver can only be used on the straight movement. In opposite with that, the rotary shaver is used through the circular movement following the clockwise.
  3. The different usage of the foil vs rotary shaver is also important. The foil shaver is good to be used as daily usage. It is good to cut and clean the shortest hair on your chin, cheek, face and neck. It is better to be used for closer usage. Then, the rotary shaver is not for daily use. This shaver can cause irritation if you apply it to your skin every day or too often. The rotary shaver is used for cutting the thicker hair and long hair.

Which one is better ?
Many people always give the question which one is better between foil vs rotary shaver. Both of those shavers are good. They have their own characteristics. They are used for a different purpose. If you are going to buy the electric shaver, you have to make some consideration of the appropriate shavers which might fit your need. If you want to clean the hair in lines, you can choose the foil shaver. However, if you want to clean the hair through the rotation, you can choose the rotary shaver. They have their own advantages that you can adjust to your necessary.

The Way How to Maintaining a Beard For Men

There’s a lot of question about how to maintain a beard. It is very easy and simple. Put your trimmer away and let the beard growin’ up. Is that simple? Of course, but during maintaining a beard, you need to be patient until the beard starts growing. Most of the men do the same way to maintain their beard. If the beards been growing, you need to groom the beard to increase appeal. The best appeal would make you more confidence, right?
In this article, I’ll show you the way how to maintain a beard for men. This explanation will be in details. Thus, if you keen to get to know the way how to read the article till the end.

  1. Be Patient
    The way I told you, firstly, you need to be patient. If you want the beard growin’ as long as you wish, put away those trimmers and wait a moment. It will take a few weeks or months, but not a big deal if you keep yourself patient. Moreover, every single man has his own issues about hair growth. Some of them push themselves so hard to grow that hair, and the rest become so easy. You are so lucky if you are in the second type.
    During waiting time, you must define how long the beard would be. This is important so you don’t have to wait for so long to groom and style your beard. Define the thickness and length.
  2. Maintain The Beards
    As long as you keep yourself patient, you need to maintain that beard to keep it growing well. It doesn’t mean you have to give the beard a hair vitamin to get it thickness and smooth. Of course not, but you supposed to take care of it. Like keep it clean and don’t let your foods spill into your beard.
  3. Make Sure The Beard Fit Your Face Shape
    This part is kinda hard, especially you still no idea which faces shape you are into. To define the face shape is so easy. Kindly watch Youtube or read the other article about face shape. If you already know what face shape is yours, make sure you’ll trim your beard correctly. If you refuse this part, don’t blame and feel regrets if you just desecrate your looks. If you find it’s hard to define which one is convenient for you, kindly ask your friend’s opinion. The way you shave better, your beard will look good, so will you.
  4. Know When and How to Trim A Beard
    Do you already know the way how to trim a beard? If you don’t, make sure you learn the way how to trim the beard first. If you are a beginner, you can watch and follow step by step to trim a beard in guidance book or articles. To get the perfect look, you need more time to shave the beard and make sure you aren’t in a hurry. The weekend is the best time to trim your beard. Thus, spare your weekend time to taking care of the beard.
  5. Use The Best Shaver
    When the length is sufficient, then its time to shave the beard. But remember, please use the best shaver to help you out during shaving. The best one you use, the best result you will get. There’s a lot of product has offered on the market, but don’t purchase into a new product easily
  6. Wash The Beard Frequently
    Whether if your beard has been trimming or haven’t, make sure you wash the beard frequently. More you wash it, more it will be growth. This part also important, especially when you spill something and its trapped on your beard. If you don’t wash it soon, perhaps the itchiness will come so soon. Also when you get a shower, make sure the beard washed to make it stay clean all the time.
  7. Smear The Beard Oil
    To tames the beard, you need an oil and smear the oil into your beard. There are a lot of oils that you can pick on the market these days. Choose the right one and pick the oil with a good scent. Keep using the oil to keep the beard oily, smooth, and shinier.
  8. Feed It
    To help the beard growing, make sure you feed it in the right way, like eat the good food. Food with protein, vitamin, and fat can help in maintain the beard. In fact, for real the beard is made from protein, fat, and some vitamins. That’s why I really recommend you to eat those foods contain with those substances.
    Maintaining a beard isn’t difficult for real. By those steps that I noticed, you can get the best beard ever if you do those ways in the right way.

What is Foil Shaver ?

Have you ever heard about types of shaver on the electric shaver? Well, there are two kinds of shavers which are so popular. They are rotary and foil saver which offer different function. Then, do you know about the best foil shaver? What are the criteria? Here, we are going to tell you more about the best foil shaver.

What is a foil shaver ?

Foil shaver is the shaver which has the flat form on its edge. It usually consists of three to four blades on it.  More blades which are used quicker shaving that people can get. Then, what is this used for? Foil shaver is usually used for close shaving. People can find the best foil shaver to clean the hair with the up-down and right-left motion or movement only. Many barbershops use this kind of shaver to cut the beard and moustache. The best foil shaver is the electric one, people can use it faster than the traditional shaver. Most people are interested to buy this kind of shaver to cut their beard and moustache. They think that using this foil shaver is easier than the other type of shaver. They only need to move it in line or straight and they can get the best result from the best foil shaver.

How to choose the best foil shaver ?

There are some criteria that you have to notice about how to choose the best foil shaver. You might need the details specification to get the great shaver.

1.             People have to pay more attention to the blades which are used. You have to choose the blades which are sharp. Then, it is better to choose the electric foil shaver which has four blades. It will ease you to cut the hair and save your time in shaving.

2.             You have to choose the shaver which has a flexible design on its head. It will be able to reach out all of the parts on your face, chin, and even your neck. If you choose the one which is flat and not flexible, it might be difficult to be used. The flexible design is one of the criteria for the best foil shaver.

3.             It is good to choose the best foil shaver which is made from rubber as the holding parts. Most of the electric design is so slippery to behold. It is better to choose the one which is covered with rubber, so it will ease you to hold that tool.

Talking and Knowing Panasonic ER GB40 S Beard Trimmer

Sometimes you need to upgrade an electric shaver into a new one, especially when it’s old already. Why? Because it can’t trim your beard or moustache effectively and efficiently anymore. Upgrading is necessary after a year or two years of usage. It’s okay if you won’t, but at least you need to prepare a new one to replace the old one if it’s broken in the future.

One best beard trimmer to pick when you looking for a new trimmer is Panasonic ER GB40 S. This model well-known as a rechargeable and cordless beard trimmer. You can use the trimmer in both situations, wet and dry. When the beard growing up, go to a barbershop is unnecessary because you already have a Panasonic ER GB40 S beard trimmer. It will be easy as you wish to groom the beard at home.

After visiting and reading from gay blogs, literally, the trimmer came into a sturdy blue and silver colours. It looks very slim and easy to use. The handle grip also builds sturdy will ease you while trimming. Though the handle grip builds sturdy, it will not hurt you because it isn’t built in hard material. The handle grip made of rubber to avoid damage. The nineteen settings built in the trimmer can tackle all beards lightly. You will not waste time anymore since the Panasonic ER GB40 S works pretty fast to cut the beard or moustache.

Panasonic ER GB40 S used the most precision blade in it. After do trimming, the beards will absolutely drop and there’s no more hair on your face or body. The blade made of stainless steel which known difficult to rust. Therefore, put the trimmer under running water will worry free because it isn’t causing damage or kind of. The blade also safe because it can avoid skin irritation.

Well, the blade itself can turn until 45 degrees angle. That angle absolutely enables to hand you a superior trim. Whether trim beard, moustache, hair aren’t a big deal because the trimmer equipped with 45 degrees angled. No matter if you had the thickest, the gauziest, and unseat hair, the trimmer will do the best for you. In few movements only, you’re able to get the close, smooth, and precise beards ever.

The superior Panasonic ER GB40 S trimmer liked to amaze you. The trimmer isn’t going to cease till you make a purchase on it. There’s another unique fact about the trimmer. Guess what? It has a unique water shutter. What is supposed to mean? Well, you’ll able to clean the trimmer in the shortest time ever. The on and off shutter buttons will help you to do that. When you press the on a button, it will open, then put them under running water to clean up itself. Thus, you need to take it out, dry with a clean towel, and let the air dry the trimmer. Maintain the trimmer also easy since its ease to clean up.

You can use the trimmer in both situations, wet and dry. It means you still can trim while showering when the water drops on you. Or maybe you crave to do trim after or before showering, it’s up to you. Will, not a big deal which one you’ll choose since it’s versatile in both situations.

As it’s noticed in the 3rd paragraph, it has nineteen length settings. The nineteen various settings can customise from 1 up to 10 mm and the adjustment is 0.5 mm. You can customise which length you are into to groom the beard. Match the length with the beard type you have. To get the different settings, you can customise the length by rotating it up or down to find the length you want. The customise literally will not taking times, slow down. In few second only, the settings will be done and you can possibly get close and smooth results.

Panasonic ER GB40 S equipped with a cleaning brush, AC charging, a trimmer, and a small pouch. When you are on vacation, you can bring the trimmer next to you. Manage all stuff in the small pouch and you can trim wherever you belong to. After you finished trim, put it all back into the pouch and keep the pouch inside your luggage or backpack.

You may think Panasonic ER GB40 S offers in high price tag. Not true, because the price is affordable. It cost only $49.99 on Amazon and you able to get free shipping. Panasonic ER GB40 S has sold more than 3,000 pieces and there are 2,331 customer reviews written their thought about the trimmer. Most of them said the trimmer has done a good job and they are not regretting to bought the Panasonic ER GB40 S.

After reading the whole explanation about Panasonic ER GB40 S, what you think? Will you make a purchase soon or how? Hope you can decide the best for yourself soon and don’t let yourself lose the best chance to get this trimmer.

There are Some Tips about How to Use Electric Shaver

Most men and even women like to shave the fur and hair on each part of their body. they like to buy the shaver which eases them to clean the body from the hair. However, some of them don’t know how to use an electric shaver. Many of them are looking for tips and methods on how to use an electric shaver. Here, we are going to tell you about tips on how to use electric shaver that might helpful for you and your family below :

1. People need to read the method of how to use electric shaver that they can see behind the shaver box. There will be tips and method that you can follow. Most of the electric shaver provides the usage method on the box and even on the paper that you can find inside the box.

2. If you have read about how to use an electric shaver, you need to prepare the equipment. People need to prepare the electric shaver, foam, electricity cable, water, alcohol and even the small towel.

3. People need to wash the face with the warm water as the first method in how to use an electric shaver. Warm water can be useful to make your hair soft. The beard and moustache commonly have the thick hair, by washing it with the warm water, it will be softer. Washing your face with the warm water can also be a good method to clean your face before shaving.

4. It is better to put cream or gel and even alcohol to remove all of the dirt from your face. The gel also helps to make the hair area cold. So, you will not get pain or hurt because of the sharp blades.

5. People can choose two types of shaver in which they can fit it with the necessary. There are foil and rotary shaver which are provided. These choices ease you to understand about how to use electric shaver well.

6.  How to use electric saver is identic with how to turn on the electric shaver. People only need to press the on the button to make it works. Most electric shavers are noise, but many of them are having no sound.

7.  Then, you can shave your hair properly. You need to notice about how to use electric shaver well. It will help to reduce the risk which might happen into your face.

Best Embroidery Machine for Home Use to Create Cute Gift for Your Lovely Children

There are several interesting activities at home you can do. One of them is creating embroidery crafts for your lovely children. This activity will be more fun to do if you are supported by the best embroidery machine for home use. So, what kind of embroidery machine for home use you should buy? 

Brother PE540D

Most of children love to see Disney’s characters. Why don’t you create a cute embroidery decoration for them? Don’t say it is difficult to do because Brother PE540D makes this project easy. Just imagine you just need to choose one of 35 Disney embroidery patterns to create. To make it the product perfect, you can also choose over 100 frame patterns. You can use this machine to create a great gift for your beloved children such as bag and cloth. Take thin materials such as cotton for maximal result. Besides the automatic patterns, there are also automatic features and you can control all of them through clear LCD screen. 

Singer XL-580 Futura 

Singer is a legendary brand in sewing machine. Interestingly, this brand offers the latest embroidery machines such as Singer XL-580 Futura. This machine is ready to help you to create special and personal gift for your children. The features are compatible to create block letters or names perfectly. You can apply it on bag, hat, cloth, and any kind of items. Do you want to add new decoration or accessory on the old items? Let Singer XL-580 Futura handles it for you. In specific, you may add borders for tablecloths, sheets, clothes, and many more. Definitely, your children will be happy to see the result and take it as their most favorite gift. 

Janome Memory Craft 200E

Just take Janome on the list of best embroidery machine for home use. One of the best one is Janome Memory Craft 200E. This is a machine which compatible with different types of devices. Let say, you can transfer the design from your PC to this embroidery machine through USB port. There is no need to manage everything complicatedly because you just need to see the LCD screen. The LCD screen is a touchscreen and the features are complete enough to start your embroidery project and finish it right away. You may do the project in a 5 inches embroidery space but it is comfortable enough for small and simple embroidery projects. 

Bernina Bernette Chicago 7

Bernina Bernette Chicago 7 is also a good embroidery machine for home use. You can create various cute accessories or gifts for your beloved children. The features are complete enough and all of them are easy to use to create perfect embroidery crafts at home. The very tight stitches help to create detail embroidery which looks real. The additional foot pedal allows you for more option whether you want to feel the traditional sewing machine or not. As a 26 pounds embroidery machine, you can move Bernina Bernette Chicago 7 to your favorite spots and finish the gift in the most comfortable way. 

The bottom line of this information is that you can create a unique gift for your lovely children. You can create a perfect embroidery product just like a professional embroider. The process will be fun and your children will be very happy to receive it.

Best Electric Saver for Sensitive Skin

What often becomes subjective matter is choosing the best electric shaver. However, when it comes to sensitive skin, the considerations are pretty much the same. Sensitive skin is significant to be considered so the shaver at least should possess some basic qualities to make it suitable. 

Qualities of Shaver for Sensitive Skin

Choosing an electric shaver for the first time can be such a daunting task especially for men with sensitive skin. But by knowing the basic qualities of the best shaver, making the final choice will be a lot easier. 

·         Sharp Blades

Start with electric shave that comes with sharp blades in high quality. It is among the key elements of suitable shaver for sensitive skin. Never choose dull blades because instead of cutting the hair, it pulls the hair and it will be a bit painful. And, it also doesn’t provide closeness of shaving. There will be more pressure applied causing irritation and razor burn. Make sure to check the replacement blades and foils as well. 

·         Fast Motor

Another quality of best electric shaver for sensitive skin is fast motor. The difference between linear drive motor oscillating at 14 000 CPM and that of 8 000 CPM is significant that you will easily recognize it yourself. When you choose shaver with fast motor, you will be able to shave smoother, faster, with less pressure and fewer passes. As a result, comfortable shave is yours to enjoy every day. 

·         Cool Shaving Head

Having shaver with shaving head that doesn’t easily get hot during operation is one thing you should never ignore. When the head gets hot, it creates significant discomfort and causes irritation to your sensitive skin. As a way to reduce the heat during operation, you can regularly lubricate the razor before being used.

·         Flexible Shave

Shaver that provides flexible shaving operation especially when it deals with long hairs is much recommended for sensitive skin. It allows fewer passes and reduces the risk of irritation 

·         Dry and Wet Operation

Dry and wet operation makes one of the highest qualities of electric shaver. Finding shaver with this quality may cost you higher but it will be worth it.

3 Recommended Options of Shaver for Sensitive Skin

We have listed down some best electric shaver suitable for sensitive you can consider buying. Each has its own advantages and downsides. 

Panasonic ES LA63 S

Here comes another recommended best electric shaver suitable for men with sensitive skin. This particular shaver provides very close shaver while being very powerful and fast so it is suitable to shave the coarse facial hair. It has sharp blades, one of the qualities that shaver for sensitive skin must have. In case of wet shaving, it offers great performance. Like other best shavers, it is easy to clean manually and it has very good price. Meanwhile, its downsides include not very comfortable shaving experience, not ideal for flat, longer and wiry lying hair. It also has bulky shaving head which is not very easy to get use to. 

Braun Series 9 9290cc

Men love this shaver due to the following facts. This is a shaver that provides gentle and comfortable shaving experience for the skin. It’s not difficult for users to enjoy close shave even for flat, wiry and longer hairs. It is powerful and fast when it comes to shaving including when it shaves the ingrown hairs. And, it also has excellent cleaning station. However, it has some downsides such as fiddly manual cleaning, expensive price, overkill for everyday use and light bears. And, its shaving closeness is actually pretty similar to Braun Series 7 that is less expensive. 

Braun 7 Series 690cc

Braun has always become a favorite when it comes to best electric shaver. This time, it offers another great shaver for sensitive skin. This 7-series shaver offers close shave with very comfortable shaving including in dry shaving performance. Its price is considered a good value and even less expensive compared to Series 9 Braun. Surprisingly, it works very well with flat lying, longer hair and even the coarse beards. Its downsides are not pretty significant like fiddly manual cleaning and lower quality of performance than Panasonic Arc 4 when it comes to close shaving.